Location, Location, Location!

Choosing the right location for a photo session is one of the most important aspects of capturing beautiful images. A good location can really enhance the overall look and feel for the photographs and set the tone for the session. Read on for some of my best tips and advice for choosing the best location for your photo session.

  1. Consider the Purpose of the Photos

The first thing to consider when choosing a location for a photo session is the purpose of the photos. Are you taking photos for a specific event or occasion, such as a party or engagement? Are these going to be family photos? How many people will be in the photos? These factors can help you narrow down option choose a location that fits the mood and purpose you are looking for.

2. Think About the Lighting

This proposal session was on private property at sunrise.

Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a location for a photo session. Natural light is usually the best option for photography, so look for a location with plenty of natural light. Avoid harsh or direct sunlight, as it can create unflattering shadows and make it difficult to capture the details of the subjects. If the session will take place during a very sunny time of day, close to noon for example, try and choose a location with a few options for shade.

3. Look for Interesting Backgrounds

A good background can make all the difference in a photo. Look for locations with interesting textures, colors, and patterns that will add depth and visual interest to your photos. This could be anything from a cityscape to florals, depending on the style and mood you’re going for. Also take note of seasonal changes in outdoor locations. A location can look completely different during different seasons.

This maternity session took place in a seasonal sunflower field.

4. Consider Accessibility

Accessibility is another important factor to consider when choosing a location for a photo session. You want to choose a location that is easy to get to and won’t require a lot of effort to reach. If the location you have in mind is a venue or private property it is important to make sure they allow photography and what the rules are for use of the property. Some locations charge a fee for use of the property for photography. Usually this information can be found on the locations website or by making a quick phone call. If the location is a public place such as a park consider crowds. If the location is very crowded on weekends consider doing a weekday session there if your schedule permits.

This session took place at a public park. An early start time helped avoid large crowds.

5. Choose a Location that Fits Your Style

Finally think of your style and the photos you want to capture. Are you looking for a natural, outdoor setting or a more urban setting? Do you prefer a modern look or more rustic, vintage vibe? Once you have narrowed down the style of photos you want it will help you choose a location that complements that style.

The photo session location you choose can greatly impact the final result and look of your photos. If you need help choosing a location I am always happy to make recommendations. Fill out my contact form and let’s start planning your next session today!

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